Thursday, June 25, 2015

Our First Night Away

Last Saturday W and I left the girls overnight for the first time. They were with my inlaws while we went to a concert. I think W was more nervous about leaving them than me, but we all survived. 

The girls slept all night from 8-7 and spent most of the morning with their grandparents. W and I couldn't believe how quiet the house was in the morning when we woke up (much later than usual). It was extra quiet since my inlaws also took the dogs. 

The concert was fun. We were able to meet up with some friends there. In a sense it made me feel really old and pregnant because the crowd was definitely partying it up. I guess I haven't been around that many wasted people in a while. 

Leaving the girls is an important first step for us. It makes me feel more confident about bringing another baby into our family as I know the girls will be well taken care of during that process. 

We celebrated fathers day with my in laws at their lake house. Although it wasn't very nice weather we still took the girls on their first boat ride of the year. They loved the bumps, going fast, and honking the horn. Unfortunately W's present arrived a day late, but I still love the shirts I got him and the girls. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make anything for him with the girls since I've been working like crazy. I've already done 8 evaluations this month. A typical month I do 2-3. 

Life is busy these days, but also great! I've officially switched ob's, hired a doula, and am feeling more comfortable with things. We just got a crib yesterday so hopefully we'll start to make some nursery progress soon. I can't believe it's almost July! 

Friday, June 19, 2015


Last Saturday I hit 24 weeks in my pregnancy. It's so amazing how fast the time has gone, and it's hard to believe how soon baby girl #3 is going to be here.

The newest nursery in our house still looks like a guest room. It's painted blue and has a full sized bed and large desk. I've been searching for a nice crib on Craigslist, but nothing really has come up. W's parents have a dresser we can paint and also use as a changing table. I think I've picked a theme/colors for the room, but sometimes it's hard to tell online. I ordered a crib skirt and am hoping it helps us with the rest of the room. It still hasn't shipped though, so progress isn't exactly happening yet. I know we have all summer, but I also feel like we were so much more ready last time. 

I'm feeling lots of movement and baby girl has even gotten the hiccups a few times. I love feeling those little movements. 

I'm still experiencing nausea and food aversion. Eating can be challenging. We spent last weekend in NJ for a bridal shower and eating was the most difficult part. I don't want just anything, so it was tough. Otherwise, we had a great time with family. It was a nice chance to re-set some of the patterns the girls seemed to be stuck in, like waking up before 6:30 and not eating well. Since getting back they've been napping better, sleeping in later, and inhaling all the food we give them.

I had my first appointment with my new OB yesterday. Unfortunately, the wait times weren't any better and I spent 45 minutes in the waiting room before being called back. Once I got called back I had to answer what felt like a million questions. It took quite a while before I got to see the dr. The dr was great! I learned this practice has a cesarean rate somewhere between 6 and 8% and a VBAC success rate above 80%. All of these things sounded great to me. The dr said my platelets were a bit low with my last round of blood work so they wanted to draw more blood that day and continue to monitor that. I was informed of the risks (and benefits) of a VBAC and signed a consent form. I then learned that this little baby is breech. I know I have a ton of time to get her to flip, but I didn't like hearing that. I feel like had it been my old practice they would have had a "told you so" attitude about it all. They would have been trying to schedule my c section then. Instead, this new dr stressed that we have tons of time to get baby to move and offered me exercises that can help. She also said there are things that can be done around 36 week to help if baby hasn't flipped by then. The chiropractor I see is trained in the Webster technique and is able to get a lot of babies to flip. I texted her and told her we better make this happen!

As I was leaving the office I was tempted to take a picture of their bulletin board. It was full of things that totally appeal to me: my prenantal yoga class fliers, breastfeeding help and support as well as a breastfeeding cafe, doula information, reiki and massage, chiropractic care, etc. It was like a breath of fresh air!

In other news we have hired a doula. She came to the house last week to meet with us and talk and I loved her. I actually talked to her when I was having difficulty with breastfeeding as she is a LLL leader locally. She's actually the one who referred me to the really great IBCLC that identified Lucy's problem and helped me work through it. Jen will come again next week for our first prenatal appointment. I'm really excited about having someone to help and support me through this process.

I've gained a total of 10 pounds now but am at the weight I was when I got pregnant with the girls. It's crazy to compare the pictures from last time to this time. Two babies make a huge difference! My belly is definitely obvious and I feel like people give me looks when I'm out with my toddler twins and big belly. I keep hearing about how I must have my hands full. I have developed diastasis recti of my upper abdominals, but my chiropractor is confident she can help me fix this once the baby gets here. I think all of the lifting of the girls has contributed to that since I didn't have it last time.

I'm feeling lots of movements, and learning about how the baby is positioned helps to try to figure out what I'm feeling. W has been able to feel a few movements, but none are huge yet. I'm craving salad like crazy as well as iced tea. I'm really trying to pair protein with most meals in an attempt to avoid gestational diabetes, but we'll see in 4 weeks when I take my test.

I can't believe we're already at 24 weeks! I'm hoping we can start to make some progress with the nursery so I can feel a little more confident about things. I'm so glad my appointment went so well yesterday, but baby girl better get on the move and start flipping! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

My "Little Sister"

I joined our local moms of multiples group when I was pregnant with the girls. I wasn't able to be too active of a member and didn't really attend meetings, but we went to a few events as a family. We were always sure to go to the spring or fall consignment sales, but I never went to a meeting.

One of the things they do in this group is assign each expecting mama a "big sister". They pair up an existing twin mom with a mom expecting twins, often based on situation or location. When I was pregnant I had a big sister, but she wasn't super involved or helpful to be honest.

A few months ago I expressed an interest in being a big sister myself. A while later I was matched with Andrea. Not only did we hit it off, but she also lives four doors up from us (and has a pool, lol).

Andrea is expecting boy/girl twins at the end of August and is four weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy. She dragged me to a few meetings, and to my surprise, I really enjoyed going. It's been really nice to be more involved in the group and I love sitting in a room full of women who all have twins or triplets. It's not an easy thing to find.

I'm so excited to watch Andrea become a mommy to twins. I can't wait to see her sweet little babies and snuggle them myself. Hopefully they will still wait a little while before coming.

Friday, June 12, 2015

21 Months Old

Walking with Daddy
I can't believe how close to two years my girls are! We are seeing them turn into big girls before our eyes and I'm so proud of the little girls they are becoming.
A picnic in the park at the lake. 

Playground fun

Helping Daddy plant Tomatoes for the garden. 

Memorial Day parade. 

Patriotic girls!
Enjoying a book while sitting on their potties.
Ice cream is a perfectly acceptable afternoon snack, right?

No one gets to use the bathroom in peace around here. Who doesn't love an audience while going to the bathroom?

Lucy- You are such a little smarty pants! You are talking up a storm, imitating everything, and running all over the place. You have at least 50 words you use consistently and without prompts. You haven't really started combining words yet but I'm sure that's coming soon. You are still under twenty pounds and such a little peanut, but want to walk everywhere. You still love Elmo and everything Sesame Street. You are starting to show more pretend play with your baby dolls or play kitchen. You are also obsessed with babies. You watch to look at my Facebook or Instagram to see babies, watch Baby Einstein videos just to see babies, and you talk about them all the time. We laugh becuase most "babies" are bigger than you! We can show you something once and either you totally remember or are able to do it on your own. You are very physical and a total daredevil without any fear. You love to tackle the cat and give him hugs. You are trying to use the potty but haven't had any success yet. That doesn't keep you from requesting "treats". You really are growing up so fast and turning into a little person before our eyes. You started teething again (canines this time) and have been waking some at night. Luckily, daddy is the one who normally gets up with you so mama can keep sleeping. You're so smart and cute and I feel so lucky to be your mama.

Such a big girl on the swings!

Loving her new doll stroller. 
Clara- You are such a potty superstar! If your daddy and I are good about putting you on your potty you will keep a mostly dry diaper all day. You've requested to use it a few times, but it's usually us asking you if you want to try. You are so proud of yourself when you go and love the treat you earn for doing it. You are such a daddy's girl and have perfected a leg hook on him when he picks you up. You've been teething and getting another canine tooth and have been drooling like crazy. You are probably close to twenty pounds now and love playing on the playground or outside. We joke that you can turn from the crankiest kiddo ever into the happiest one with your bath. You are trying to talk more, but can be difficult to understand at time. I love to ask you if you're having fun, because like the little party girl you are, you squeal and shout with excitement in response. You love your Grandma Dukes and just want to sit on her lap all day when she comes over. She says I was like this as a baby too. You love all of our pets and give them big hugs all the time. Unlike your sister you want to be carried everywhere and don't want to walk. We're trying to work on this so we can go places without the stroller and without exhausting your mama since she's already carrying one baby around. You're such a happy and outgoing girl that loves going new places and trying new things. I'm so proud of the little girl you're becoming.

Hugs for Togie. 

A little more cautious about the big swings than her sis. 

Always sitting on her Grandma's lap. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Quite a few months ago I posted about a group of moms that I got together with regularly for play dates with our kids. I loved seeing those friends and getting together so frequently. It made our weeks pass by more quickly and I looked forward to our time spent together. Time flies when you're having fun, right?

About a month and a half ago one of the mommies from our group moved away. Like, 16 hours far away. We were super sad to see her go with her adorable and fun little girls, but that was the plan for their family when they moved to this area two years prior. We all still have a group text going, but the play dates have been much less frequent. In fact, the other mamas and I haven't all gotten together since. 

I've tried quite a few times to suggest times or ask if people were free to all get together, but have been unsuccessful. Here's the thing about friendships for me; I don't like to be the one doing all the work. I think a friendship should be mutual with each person keeping up their end. I know there are times when this isn't possible and close friendships allow for that, but this doesn't feel like one of those times. Generally, when I feel like the one doing more work (or all of the work in a friendship), I'm quick to retreat or give up. 

My best childhood friend and I finally fell out of contact after years of me feeling like I was holding up the friendship alone. We are still Facebook friends and try to see each other at least once a year, but it makes me sad to think of how things once were. 

Maybe I'm too quick to give up and should try harder, but I don't know. My husband is one of the worst people about keeping in contact and maintaining friendships. When we first got together I was definitely the one doing most of the work. Luckily that balance has shifted and things are much more equal now. As for friendships outside of our marriage, nothing there has changed much for him. 

Most of my friends in high school or college were guys. I've always gotten along with them better and found friendships to be simpler. At this point in my life, as a stay at home mom, I'm not likely to be making many guy friends, nor do I really want to. 

So I guess what I'm saying is I'm ready to give up on these play dates, and perhaps even one of these friendships. One of the friends and I are still getting together and I think we'll continue to stay in touch. As for the other, I guess only time will tell. I know I'm getting tired of feeling like the one that's trying harder. 

Am I the only one that's quick to give up when feeling like I'm the only one trying?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Potty Time!

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 one of the first things I thought about was the possibility of having three children in diapers at the same time. We are a cloth diapering family, so the cost of three in diapers isn't a huge issue, it's more the laundry and time consumed washing diapers. 

So, about a month ago I took a trip to Babies R Us and got potties. I bought the Baby Bjorn ones that have a high back as I read they were easy to get on and off of and good for potty training girls. 

The first day I brought them home they were obsessed. I had them sitting on them and then Clara stood up and started to pee. Luckily my mom was nearby and grabbed her and put her on the potty to finish the job. We rewarded her with a treat for her success. She was quite pleased with herself. That night she also peed on the potty before her bath. 

We started by just getting the girls to sit on them. I was pleased with any amount of time they would sit on them. Lucy will sit for about 3 seconds and get up. Whether she spends a lot of time sitting or not we praise her. Really, my plan was just to get them used to them and hopefully sitting on them, but I wasn't really intending to potty train them. They're only 20 months old. 

I hadn't really been pushing the potties and only had them sitting on them before their bath at night (we only have one set of potties that was residing in the upstairs bathroom). Well, the past five nights Clara has successfully peed on the potty before her bath. As she was more and more consistent, I decided to try her during the day. Well, in the past two days Clara has peed almost every time I put her on the potty. She's kept a mainly dry diaper during the day. She even pooped on the potty over the weekend. 

She's not telling me she needs to go or showing any signs of knowing. She just pees pretty much every time I put her on the potty. She's been getting rewarded with peanut butter M & M's and she thinks it's pretty great. I'm seriously so proud of my girl! 

Lucy is still just sitting for short spurts and occasionally requesting a treat after she does. I might take her a little longer to get it, but either way I'm thrilled she'll willingly sit on it. I'm so proud of the progress my girls are making, especially my peeing superstar Clara!!  

19 Weeks

Sunday, May 17, 2015

We Made It

Well, it wasn't the fastest week ever, that's for sure. My days ended up being about 11 hours and I'd be fast asleep on the couch early every night. The first few nights the girls were okay, but by the end of the week they were miserable and super bratty during my time with them. A few nights I questioned why I didn't get a hotel to myself rather than come home to whiney cranky kids. 

The reason though was because I missed them like crazy!! Even if they weren't super pleasant to be around, there was no way I was leaving them that long. 

I took my test on Friday afternoon. The multiple choice portion was pretty straightforward and easy, but the movie portion with the latch evaluation was trickier. I really hope I do pass it all. 

I was so grateful to come home on Friday afternoon to my family and know I didn't have to leave again the next morning. The girls were so happy to have both of their parents home all day. 

As wonderful as it is to have free childcare with grandparents, it's crazy how much they can change their behavior in one short week. Hopefully we'll fall back into our old routines and behaviors quickly. Everyone having a cold certainly didn't help.